• Posted on: May 25 2011
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As a parent of three children, I certainly have learned how to pick my battles. Yet there are certain arguments that I will not back down on! I can handle my daughter dressing like Blossom, though I do sometimes cringe when she comes down the stairs. I have learned that brothers fight and someone WILL get hurt, no matter how many times they are warned. I, as an only child, cannot understand why siblings fight, but that’s a whole different story.

What I can’t let go of are the things that MUST be done. Use your manners, have respect for others and always remember that one bad choice can instantly ruin your life. We all teach these things to our children and I have been lucky so far. Here comes the battles! Why must I constantly remind my children they have a hamper and they need to use it? Not so hard right? Well it gets worse.

Why do they fight me when it’s time to shower or brush their teeth? It’s like I am asking them to shower in acid rain. Can anyone relate? About their teeth, I must admit this bugs me the most! I have worked for Dr. Berman for the past seventeen years. My kids have been in the office since they were born. They have had hygiene visits, baby teeth extracted, and even tooth colored fillings. I am ashamed to admit that they have had cavities. How can this happen to my kids? Shouldn’t they know better! At this point must I brush their teeth for them as I did when they were little?

I have seen the effects of people who do not care for their teeth. Believe me, it’s not a pretty sight. I’ve explained to my kids what plaque and tartar can do, the importance of flossing and that they need to brush twice a day for 2 minutes and still, nothing. The facts are that 84% of 17 year olds have had tooth decay and 60% of 15 year olds have gingivitis.  Gum disease is almost always caused by accumulation of plaque. Nutrition is important in keeping their teeth and body healthy. That can be a battle too!

I want them to know how important their choppers really are! I can’t give up, so every day the fight continues. When will they finally get it? I hope by then it’s not too late! Remember camp season starts soon and the kids will be home from college too. Please call for their hygiene visits while there are still time slots available.


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