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  • Posted on: Jul 11 2011
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You walk into the office and you are greeted with a smile, then we ask you to please update your medical history.  As you sit down to fill out the paperwork, you’re thinking, why must I do this again?”   You may not realize that the slightest change in your medical history can affect your dental health.

While updating the forms mention everything about your health, even if you don’t think it relates to your mouth. If you have had surgery or a major illness, be sure to include this information. Many diseases can have effects on your mouth and teeth. Researchers continue to discover ways in which oral health is related to overall health. Diabetes, for instance, can increase the risk of periodontal disease. Some medications can also affect the way your treatment plan will be scheduled.

For you to receive the appropriate care, we need to know if you have any of the following:

_ Any recent heart surgery [within the last six months]

_ Artificial heart valve(s)

_ Asthma

_ Congenital Heart Defect

_ Epilepsy/seizures

_ History of Rheumatic Fever

_ History of Heart Murmur/Mitral Valve Prolapse

_ Knee, joint or hip replacement surgery

_ Latex Allergy

_ Medications: Prescribed or over-the-counter

_ Pacemaker

_ If you smoke (smoking can lead to serious problems like oral


_ Any allergies you may have

_ If you are pregnant

_ Any health problem or medical condition you are being treated for

_ If you are taking any Bisphosphonates or bone density drugs

Some medications cause dry mouth, which can increase the risk of cavities. Many heart or cardiac medications can cause gums to overgrow. Other health conditions may require Dr. Neil to change the type of treatment given. He will want to make sure that any medications he may prescribe will not interact with medications you already are taking.

As you can see, your medical information is extremely important and must be accurate.  Please be thorough when filling out the forms, we want to provide you with the best care possible.

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