What does a Tooth Look Like?

  • Posted on: Feb 15 2012
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Did you know there are two parts to a tooth? The CROWN and the ROOT.

  • The Crown is the part of the tooth we can see inside of our mouths.
  • The Root of the tooth keeps the tooth steady while it does its job. The root is “planted” into our jawbone and is unable to be seen.

The crown and the root meet at the neck of the tooth, which is normally just below the gum margin.

Teeth also have 3 Layers.

  • Enamel is a hard protective outer layer covering the crown of the tooth.
  • Dentin is a second protective layer covering the nerve of the tooth
  • Pulp, (also called the Nerve) is the soft middle of the tooth that had a blood supply and nerve endings.

Teeth are different shapes because they do different jobs.

  • Incisors are for cutting
  • Canines are for tearing
  • Molars and Pre-Molars grind up food until it is small enough to swallow

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