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Family Dentistry

Comprehensive Dental Examinations

Comprehensive dental exams for new and current patients are an important part of maintaining oral health. Exams detect problems before you notice any symptoms. A dental exam consists of:

  • Head and Neck Exam
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Digital Dental X-rays
  • Tooth and Periodontal (Gum) Charting
  • Molds of the Teeth
  • Digital Diagnostic Photography
  • Cosmetic Evaluation
  • TMJ / Jaw Joint Evaluation
  • Bite (Occlusion) Exam
  • Orthodontic Screening

This thorough in-depth look into the patient’s oral conditions allows our Doctors to discover what the needs are to achieve optimal oral health for each patient. After the exam, a customized treatment plan that works for both patient and doctor can be created. Every person has the right for the very best dentistry available for just one tooth or an entire smile. Allow us the privilege of presenting the best quality dentistry to you in an appropriate way so that it’s affordable and worthwhile.

Preventive Dentistry

Good oral hygiene and regular dental examinations are essential in the prevention and early detection of problems such as gum disease, tooth loss and tooth decay. The old adage, “visit your dentist twice a year” is no longer the standard. Every patient has different needs and we can discuss yours with you during your consultation. Our hygiene department prides itself on customizing care visits at several month intervals depending on the specific needs of the patient. We provide one-on-one instructions for the proper techniques to care for your teeth and gums in an ongoing attempt to allow for the very best of oral health.

Pediatric Dentistry

We encourage discussions and unofficial visits of children 1-2 years old to help them feel comfortable in a dental office. Your child should have their first scheduled appointment between his or her 2nd and 3rd birthdays. During this appointment, we will talk with you about your child’s oral health and hygiene, including teething, fluoride, brushing and flossing, cavities, sealants and orthodontics. Our Doctors have had extensive hospital based pediatric training as well as over twenty years in private practice treating our young ones.

The benefit of having your child seen in a general dental practice is that we always keep an eye on the future of your child’s dental needs. We want to teach children from a very young age the importance of routine dental care to allow optimal dental health.

Geriatric Dentistry

Thanks to modern dental technology and better education, our senior patients are keeping their own teeth longer than ever before. Older patients often suffer from a number of dental problems, including discoloration and weak or missing teeth, gum line decay and periodontal disease. There are many treatments available for problems that affect the elderly, including bleaching and cosmetic restorations for stained or misshapen teeth; dental implants, dentures and partial dentures to replace missing teeth; and various treatments to address oral dryness, often a side effect of many medications. Please ask our Team to set up a consultation to discuss any concerns you have regarding yourself or an elderly loved one.

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